Outlook not responding


An Outlook is a personal information management and Email service provider developed by a Microsoft. Most professionals used Outlook service for sending mails throughout the world.  It offers a huge space of 1TB for storing the data online.
Almost all professional are using the outlook but there are some users who face little problems during its use.
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This article will provide the solution when Outlook stops responding or it gets stuck at the particular position.
Sometimes it happens that Outlook gets stuck to the screen which is processing. This is one of the most common problems of Outlook. To overcome this problem close the Outlook and start it in safe mode and close it again to fix the problem. If the above solution doesn’t work out, simply follow the given steps.
Check for dialogue box- There are the various thing in Outlook which asks for your confirmation and without confirmation, Outlook stops working further. Check for dialogue box, press Alt+tab to switch from window to window. This will help you to find a dialogue box. If you find a dialogue box, confirm it. If there is no dialogue box, go to next step.
Outlook should not work on the long process- Sometimes Outlook gets stuck when a user deletes a number of messages together. The progress bar is given at the bottom of the screen representing a number of messages deleted, wait until progress bar gets completely filled. Always avoid Outlook to work on a long process. If this doesn’t work out,  go to next step.
Install the latest windows- Outlook works best on the latest windows. For proper working of Outlook, update your windows.
Repairing Office program- Repairing an office program might be the solution of many problems occurring in an Outlook customer support .
To do this close all office programs and go to control panel and tap on Program and features. Search for Microsoft office in the list of installed programs and click on Change. If this doesn’t work, go to next step.
Repairing Outlook data files- Along with Microsoft office, there is also inbox repair tool. This inbox repair tool is to scan the Outlook data file and to remove the errors present in the files.
Creating a new user profile- If the above solution doesn’t seem useful, create a new user profile.